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International Projects


RAWCS Project 91-2016-19

This page is under construction as we are collating our pictorial history of our Club's amazing project in Rinya, Western Kenya.

The original scope for this project was to sponsor 10 children for school and to renovate 4 classrooms.

Commenced July 2017 and the Project through Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund has opted to bolster education access by the vulnerable pupils around the Rinya community. Ksh.5000 was disbursed by Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund to cover monthly tuition fee for 10 pupils for the month of July 2017. Rinya Academy charges a tuition fee of Ksh.500 per month as in a term.



General renovation details 

4 Class room renovations 

From the proposal outlay, the renovation was to be done in phases;

  1. Walling 

  2. Roofing 

  3. Mechanical 

  4. Painting 

  5. The general external drainages 


Activities include; 

  • ❖ Demolition 

  • ❖ Excavation/Walls and cracks demolitions 

  • ❖ Blinding 

  • ❖ Pad bases 

  • ❖ Columns erection 

  • ❖ Shuttering 

  • ❖ Casting of the columns 

  • ❖ Wall erection 

  • ❖ Lintel 

  • ❖ Mending of the minor cracks 

The walls of those buildings generally were renovated in different categories due to the fact that it was not reinforced with lintel all-round the building and at the petitions. The project was started to make the storm-blown rooms’ habitable again. Generally walling was poorly done and therefore we had to professionally demolish the whole right side of the wall as well as the roof.

Excavation/Walls and cracks demolitions 

A 700x700mm pad was excavated to hold bases for the columns up to a standard depth that could well hold the bearing weight of the structure (1500mm). Moved murram was then compacted on the pads before blinding. 

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