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Saturday, February 23, 2019

New Generations Committee

This Director is responsible for arranging applications for the many youth programs. All applicants should be encouraged to attend a Rotary meeting prior to the activity starting and again on its completion. The following are some ofRotary’s Youth Activities)

* Youth Exchange. (YEP) (long and short term exchange. The former is an exchange in another country for a period of twelve months.

The latter is for one month and at the time this was printed the two countries involved were South Africa and America.)
Students are given a monthly allowance of approx. $A100. All students will have a Rotarian counsellor who will not be one of the host parents. It is recommended that for the Long Term Exchange there are four host families. The counsellor will be responsible for picking up and delivering the in-bound student from and to the plane.

Clubs no longer have to have one student in if they have one out. This rule only applies to the District. I.e. if 25 student go out of the District, 25 student have to come in to the District.. Clubs supply a jacket to the students before departure)
The Counsellor should;

  • Establish a contingency account for an emergency (to be held by the club)
  • Establish contact with the incoming student before they depart their home country
  • Enrol them into school
  • Meet them on arrival into Australia
  • Maintain regular contact with student
  • Encourage the student to attend Rotary meetings
  • Encourage the student to assist with fine session (this way the student will get to know the members quicker)
  • Encourage members to invite student to their home for a meal

* Aust/New Zealand Matched Exchange. (Usually between student in years 9 or 10 and is for six weeks. The students live with each other’s family)
* Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment. (RYPEN) (Students from 15 to 18 years) (This is designed as a self enrichment program designed in helping young people to better equip themselves for lives many challenges)
* Rotary Youth Leadership Award. (RYLA) (Young people from 18 to 25 years. It is intended to develop qualities of leadership, good citizenship and personal development among the young people of their community. Many young people have
found a new and better direction in life, as a result of completing this program.

* Model United Nations Assembly. (MUNA) (Students have the opportunity to experience first hand the operations of the United Nations Assembly. Teams of two students with an adult leader, often a Rotarian but does not have to be, sit around atypical UN Table debating issues in the same manner the UN would. Students are encouraged to dress in the national custom they are representing

Public Speaking Competition. (This is carried out with the running of individual Zone Competitions with the zone winners then competing early in the new year. The four top finalists will then compete at the District Conference. The winner usually
receives an overseas trip.)

It is most important that correct contact and guidance be maintained with schools.
* Dorothea MacKellar Memorial Poetry Competition. (This is usually conducted throughout the schools. Young poets have the opportunity to compete in another very worthwhile student program)
Rotaract/Interact. (Rotaract is for young people between 18 & 30. They have the opportunity to run their Club along similar lines as a Rotary Club. Interact is for secondary school students and they conduct their meetings at school, usually during the lunch time period)