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Saturday, February 23, 2019

International Service Committee

The purpose of International Service is to develop understanding and goodwill among Rotarians and among the people at large throughout the world.

* Arrange an International Program at a Meeting. (A mock debate between two countries is always entertaining. “Dress-up” in a particular national dress with the meal to match that country is also a fun meeting)

* Rotary Aust. World Community Service (RAWCS). (Arrange a program at your meeting with an experienced member speaking on this topic. Rotarians Against Malaria - Donations In Kind - Save Water Save Lives - Pacific Training Aid come under the RAWCS banner)

* Toast a Club in another Country. (Propose a toast to a Club in another country and then write to that Club informing them of your proposal and extend your good wishes. This is an excellent way to help improve International Goodwill)

* International Friendship Exchange. (Rotarians exchanging visits with other countries. Visiting Rotarians are hosted by Rotarians of that country)

* Any International matters the Club wishes to be become involved with.
( With just a little imagination, a keen eye for detail in Rotary publications and some initiative, this can be a very enjoyable portfolio.

* Interplast. (Bringing children from our neighbouring countries in the south west Pacific for special facial surgery. In some cases, the sending of specialists to those countries to perform surgery)

* ROMAC. Rotary Overseas Medical Aid for Children (Raising funds to bring children into Australia for major surgery)