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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Community Service Committee

(Always check the Dist. Directory before arranging activities)
For answers to most Rotary questions go to the Dist. Directory, The Manual of Procedures or the Dist. Chairman of that particular activity.

If your Club looks back at the end of the Rotary year and says, “We didn’t do a lot of Community Service this year”, you can only blame yourself. You only need a little imagination and a bit of go.

It is very satisfying to reflect on your year as director and see what has been achieved. Clubs are encouraged to focus on addressing real community concerns. They should carry out projects that effectively address the identified needs of that community and utilize Rotary resources in carrying out these projects.

Community Service – also referred to as “the heart beat or soul of the Club.”

(This motto was first expressed at Rotary’s first Convention held in Chicago in 1910) Rotary’s first appeal for aid to disaster victims was in 1913 when $US25,000 was given for flood relief in Ohio & Indiana USA. However, the first Community Service project took place in 1907 when Chicago Rotarians led a campaign to install a public “comfort station” in the city mall. The scope for Community Service is unlimited. What you decide to do should be first investigated keeping in mind the local government requirements, should that be

* Bowel Scan. (letters have to be written to venue for selling the kits, the path lab and Pharmacies before & after. Roster made for collection & selling of kits)
* Rotary Lodge (where applicable)
* Red Shield Appeal (Roster to assist collecting appeal. Confer with Salvos)
* Aust. Rotary Health. (Remind Club of its responsibility)
* Prostate Cancer. (Remind Club of its responsibility to support this Rotary Program)
* Community Activities. (Improvements to the town. Assistance to the needy)
* Probus Clubs. (Look for the need of a PROBUS CLUB. Dist. Chairman ofProbus is the best contact to instigate this activity)
* Out Back Links (Promoting volunteers to go onto out back properties for two to four weeks to assist them with what every they require.