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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Club Service Committee

(Always check the District Directory before arranging dates for activities)
For answers to most Rotary questions go to, the District Directory, the Manual of Procedures or the District Chairman of that particular activity.

While different members perform the various tasks the Director is responsible. Club Service is the day-to-day running of the Club. It has been referred to as the “heart beat or soul of the Club.” The Club Service Director is the “KEEPER OF THE HOUSE.”

It has often been said, that if the Club Service Director does his/her job diligently, the Club will have a healthy foundation for a successful Rotary year.

*Allocation of duties at the weekly meetings. This Director is the convenor of the meeting - confer with the venue. Arrange raffles & prizes. Generally check that those allocated duties are doing their job)

* Fellowship Delegation. (Welcoming of visitors. Be sure they are not left standing alone. New members should always be in the company of an experienced Rotarian)

* Attendance Officer.(Attendance reports to go to District by 7th of each Month. Deliver Report to Club with apologies each week and pass on details to the Bulletin Editor)

* Guest Speaker.(To be looked after on arrival by the person who is introducing them. Make a good impression, they could be a potential member)

* Venue. (Notify venue if place of meeting is changed. The usual Venue to be manned for make-ups or make arrangements for the venue to hand them out)

* Social Functions. (Social committee to discuss program with Pres. & Director. A good balance of Social and Rotary Activities makes for a healthy Club)

* Bulletin. (A good balance of Rotary info, Club news and activities is essential. Birthdays/Anniversaries, Club Program and Guest Speaker’s topic are essential)

* Membership Development and Classification Committees. (Requires constant attention. Member should be encouraged to introduce someone to Rotary. Rotary can only continue if Rotarians introduce new members)

* Historian. (To keep a record of the Club’s projects and activities)

* Public Relations. (Regular contact with the media is most important. Present a written story with a photograph and it is sure to be printed. We must remove the myth that “Rotary is the world’s best kept secret”)

* Fund Raising.