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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Rotary Volunteer's

You can find them working in refugee camps, remote clinics, makeshift hospitals, and primitive villages.
While many are physicians and dentists, they come from all walks of life. 
They're Rotary Volunteers.
The Rotary Volunteers program is open to Rotarians, Rotaractors, Foundation Alumni - even non-Rotarians can participate. Those wishing to serve abroad must file a Rotary Volunteers International Volunteer Personal Registration Form with the Secretariat office serving their area. They also must receive an invitation to volunteer from the host Rotary club at the site where they wish to serve. There are several sources for finding volunteer opportunities and special needs.
The Rotary Volunteers program operates under the umbrella of Vocational Service at the club and district level. The Rotary Foundation occasionally provides funds to cover air transportation and modest living expenses for Rotary Volunteers. Volunteers do not receive a salary or honorarium for their services.
Rotary Volunteers have travelled to nearly 100 countries to give of their time and expertise.