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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Hi there, this is for members only.

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How does a Coffee Club run?

  1. Coffee clubs are not part of, nor do they compete with, clubs participating in the “RI 2011-2014 Innovative and Flexible Rotary Club Pilot Program”.
  2. Coffee Clubs are not “e-clubs” (although it is possible they could “morph” into this form of club at some future date).
  3. Standard RI club constitution are adopted.
  4. Recommended RI Club By-laws are adapted as appropriate and adopted.
  5. Club Board structure is based on the RI Club Leadership Plan (adapted as required to suit the club).
  6. Coffee clubs comply with all District protocols and reporting requirements.
  7. All dues to be paid as for a “normal” club (RI, District, RDU).
  8. Meeting frequency and attendance to reflect the extant RI requirements.
  9. No meal (i.e. they are not Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner clubs).
  10. Meeting in informal surroundings such as a coffee shop/café/micro brewery/wine bar etc.
  11. No Rotary Regalia. No President’s collar. Some small RI insignia only?
  12. Core meeting time to be limited to approximately 30 minutes; e.g. arrive at 0800 for 0815 meeting; close meeting by 0845. Note that the closing time could be extended from time to time as required/convenient to suit members and business of the day.
  13. Meetings to be conducted as “business meetings” with an agenda.
  14. Reports and actions arising at a meeting to be reported back at a designated future meeting with any supporting documentation made available to members prior to the meeting.
  15. The majority of board and project discussion/debate to be conducted “in committee“ by the respective members outside the normal meeting time. Brief update reports to be given at the club meeting.
  16. The majority of club business outside the meeting may be conducted using social media tools.
  17. Important documents to be available electronically “on demand” to members with appropriate access permissions.
  18. Recommended that all new Rotarians in the coffee club attend the Rotary Leadership Institute course to give them a basic Rotary knowledge and understanding. This also demonstrates a level of “Rotary commitment”.
  19. Arrange “special events”/projects/joint meetings with “mother club” or other local Rotary club; e.g. use their facilities to hold, say, a joint Pride of Workmanship event or other such significant community project.